Tinker MY2020

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The compact size of the Tinker makes it the perfect option those wanting to transport their bike in the boot of the car, in a campervan or the garage of a motorhome. With the Bosch performance CX motor and 500Wh battery, the Tinker easily punches above it's weight and is happy as much on the daily commute as it is touring or popping to the shops.

The Tinker is fitted with an enviolo continuosly variable hub, which means with just a small tweek on the gear shifter you can always have the best ratio of gearing for the situation. In addition, the power is transfered from the motor to the rear by a Gates carbon belt drive. This simple system means no oily chains to ruin clothing when lifting in and out of the car.

As with all Riese & Müller bikes, the Tinker is fitted with a rear pannier rack, mudguards, lights integrated to the battery, and a lock as standard.

Standard warranty terms apply.