Delivery and Returns

Congratulations! Your e-bike’s ordered. And you’re well on your way to becoming an e-bike superfan.

It takes about a month for your Riese & Müller e-bike to be hand-built by engineers at the factory in Mühltal, Germany before it’s shipped to us here in UK.

Delivery: Free of charge across the UK mainland no matter where you are

As soon as it arrives at EDEMO, we arrange a date for the delivery, handover and set up.

And we do this free of charge across the UK mainland no matter where you are in the country, from Scotland to Cornwall to central London.

Once with you, Dan, or one of our other experienced mechanics, will unpack your bike and carefully set up the controls, saddle height and position angle, as well as the display angle, lever reach and position, and suspension pressures and tyre pressures, explaining everything as they go, and ensuring your bike gives you a comfortable ride.

We’ll show you how to register the warranty too and even take away all the packaging.

Because we guide you through the process and the specifications and are happy to make recommendations, we take all the risk for your e-bike purchase.

So if we unwrap it and you think it’s the wrong size or it doesn’t feel right, we will take it back and order another one, or give you your money back.