Why choose EDEMO for your e-bike?


At EDEMO we only sell electric bikes.

And we only sell Riese & Müller electric bikes

Scratch that.

What we actually sell is adventure, freedom and the ability to go anywhere you want.

We’re an official Riese & Müller UK dealer, Experience Store and Test Centre. Which, in a nutshell, really means we know our stuff.

We test the bikes on different terrains. We test the bikes with different loads. And we test the bikes with all the different options. How does the Charger3 compare to the Nevo3 off road? Is the Smartphone Hub a better option than the Kiox? What happens when we add a luggage carrier at the front and load it up with camping gear?

Ok, so we know our Riese & Müller e-bikes inside out. But what does this mean for you?

If you’re thinking about buying an electric bike, we can talk you through all the reasons why a Riese & Müller e-bike is your best option: from German engineering and high-quality components to award-winning design innovations like integrated dual batteries for long-range rides, and a commitment to sustainability.

But most importantly, we can talk you through all the different types of Riese & Müller bikes available that are right for your lifestyle.

Will you be loading up the dog and hitting the trails every weekend? Or waking up early for a long 100-mile round trip and catching the sun as it rises and falls? Perhaps you need space for sports kit? Or maybe you want to whizz around the city making deliveries. Will you be riding on tarmac on an early morning commute? Or having a little fun off-road?

Maybe you’re not sure what you’ll be doing yet and you’re looking for a good all-rounder that does everything.

No problem.

Visit our showroom

Want to try an electric bike for yourself?

EDEMO is based in the lovely Gloucestershire town of Nailsworth and we have over 15 Riese & Müller electric bikes available in our showroom for you to test ride in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside.

Get in touch to arrange a test ride.



If you love something, set it free.

EDEMO’s Head Honcho Dan did just that.

Dan has always been a huge enthusiast of electric bikes, but having purchased his own Riese & Müller, he knew there was no going back.

He needed to share these fantastic bikes with the world, so that other Riese & Müllers could find similar adoring new owners, and be released into the wild where they belong. So, after a 17-year stint as Managing Director of a refrigerant detection and software company, he chucked it all in and opened the EDEMO Electric Bikes showroom in 2018.

Today, EDEMO is based in the beautiful Gloucestershire town of Nailsworth in the Cotswolds, and is one of only four Riese & Müller Experience Stores in the UK. 

In fact, we’re the only Riese & Müller partner in the UK solely dedicated to the sales and support of Riese & Müller e-bikes.

Ask any of our customers and they will tell you: Dan’s passion for e-bikes is legendary. His depth of knowledge and willingness to share his genuine e-bike experiences has proved invaluable to anyone who has stepped through the door of our showroom, or talked to Dan on the phone.

In fact, the entire team are e-bike enthusiasts, who are dedicated to ensuring our customers love their electric bikes as much as we do.

We have AJ, our build, servicing and delivery wizard, and Jen, who is essentially our chief of all-things-organisation. A big part of her role is ensuring the entire ordering process is smooth and seamless for you, from start to finish… and beyond.

Our passion for e-bikes has meant EDEMO has grown at a rate of knots, leading to us opening a second premises in Bristol’s creative quarter to act as an office and delivery hub.

But as we grow, we’re always going to be about keeping the buying experience fun and inspiring – and never losing the personal touch that sets us apart.

Feel free to talk to us on the phone (01453 834300) about all the different options available, or make an appointment to visit the showroom and test as many models as you like.

Can’t make it to the showroom? We also do video appointments, where Dan or one of the team can talk you through any electric bike in our showroom.

Get in touch to book a telephone or video appointment, or to arrange a test ride – and join our growing list of very happy e-bike owners.