How heavy are Riese & Müller electric bikes?

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How heavy are Riese & Müller electric bikes?

Everyone who comes into the EDEMO showroom usually first squeezes the tyre… and then asks if they can pick the bike-up.

If this test was to have any grounding then electric bikes would never have become a thing.

All electric bikes are going to be significantly heavier than their traditional equivalents.

How much do electric bikes weigh?

The weight of an electric bike motor is going to be about 3-4kgs and a battery is 2.5 to 3.5 kg.

You can expect a Riese & Müller bike to weigh between 21-32kgs depending on the model and specification you go for. Find out more about the specifications available in our edemo Riese & Müller UK Buyer’s guide

The technical bit

Riese & Müller bikes tend to be equipped with the more powerful motors and a minimum of 500Wh batteries. All though these may add extra weight, the extra power means your bike can go further.

A Dualbattery Supercharger2 for example weighs approximately 30kg. With some careful battery management, you can go 140 miles on a single charge, with 75Nm for hill climbing. How often do you do a 140 mile bike ride?

A little extra

Riese & Müller electric bikes are some of the most comfortable bikes to ride as they come fully equipped with everything you need. This includes mudguards, lights, pannier racks, suspension and hub gears, which would be left off the lightest bikes.

The extra equipment does mean a little extra weight but remember that the more equipped and comfortable your electric bike, the more likely you are to ride it for miles and miles.


The power of the motor on your Riese & Müller e-bike means the weight becomes less relevant.

And don’t forget, all this power means you can load up your Riese & Müller with upto 25kgs on the rear rack. Whether you are heading off to work with your laptop bag and accessories or you are packed for a weekend adventure, your Riese & Müller is more than up to the job.

So yes electric bikes are heavier, but with the power of the motor and the ability to load on everything you need, you can just jump straight on your Riese & Müller and ride from home without any thought for how much it weighs.

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