What’s the lightest Riese & Müller electric bike available?

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What’s the lightest Riese & Müller electric bike available?

If you just want the lightest Riese & Müller electric bike, then you should be looking at the Roadster touring.

Riese & Müller Roadster Touring electric bike

At 21.4kg it is no butterfly but Riese & Müller never set out to make the lightest bikes, so you will still benefit from a powerful Bosch motor and 500Wh battery.

The benefit of a light bike is going to be felt in the acceleration. In addition, this bike will be easier to push to a top speed because of the narrow tyres. And if you wanted to make it even lighter, you could remove the mudguards, rear rack, lights and suspension seatpost. But, it is all these things which in part make it a Riese & Müller.

No matter which style of Riese & Müller bike you go for, if you opt for the touring version with the traditional chain and derailleur setup, this will be the lightest combination. Find out more in our EDEMO Riese & Müller UK Buyer’s guide

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