What is the best electric bike?

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What is the best electric bike?

I’ve been asked is what is the best electric bike? 

Quite a general question and when we’re thinking about what is best, it depends. Are we looking at the most powerful, the cheapest, and what are we going to use it for? Are we going to ride on-road, are we going to ride off-road? 

I spent a lot of time when I was trying to buy my own bike originally and I looked around the market. I was definitely looking for, I guess, what was the best bike that was out there. 

Essentially I decided that I needed something that could do pretty much everything. It had to do lots of road miles, and it had to do lots of off-road miles as well and I really liked all the toys, gadgets and other things that were available to go on the bikes.

In the end, I came to a decision, this was probably going back about three or four years ago, that the best bike for me was going to be something made by Riese & Müller. 

The bike at the time was called the Delite and it had a Rohloff hub. It was an absolutely incredible bike and at the time I think it cost around about £5,500.

From that point onwards, I realized that when researching the electric bike market for me, there was only one brand when it came to the ‘best e-bikes’ and that was Riese & Müller. I am such a strong beleiver in the brand that I opened an e-bike shop and I am now a Riese & Müller retailer.

And at the moment, I would say the best bike in their range is the newly-released Superdelite GT Rohloff. It’s now an E-14 hub, so a 14-speed hub with an electronic shifter. It benefits from things like main beam lights, brake lights, pretty much everything that you can throw at it, two batteries, so 1,000 watt hour, which gives it a range of anywhere from 100 to 140 miles. 

So in my view, it’s probably the best e-bike that’s on the market today.

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