Should I buy a Riese and Müller electric bike from EDEMO?

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Should I buy a Riese and Müller electric bike from EDEMO?

Where can I buy a Riese & Muller electric bike?

Now you have decided to buy a Riese & Muller electric bike, what are the different options for purchasing?

R&M are the world’s leading manufacturer of premium quality electric bikes. They have decided to focus their efforts on this and leave the selling to selected network of third party independent bike shops.

When browsing the Riese & Muller website and configuring the bike of your dreams, you will see the option to ‘Send Purchase Request’. As R&M do not sell directly to the public, this button sends your configured bike to Riese & Muller in Germany who in turn send the enquiry to your nearest dealer based on your postcode. It is then up to the dealer to prepare a quotation and get back in contact with you.

Alternatively, at the end of the configuration process you can copy the configuration code, which will look something like this ‘F00482_040233’, and contact a dealer of your choice to get a quotation.

How do I choose a Riese & Muller dealer to work with?

In the UK there are around 20 Riese & Muller dealers nationwide. These dealers are all listed on the R&M home page along with their contact details.

The partner stores are listed in three different groups depending on their commitment to R&M.

  1. Basic partner stores
  2. Test centres (Birdy, E-bike, E-cargo, Control Technology)
  3. Experience stores

The most basic stores will have purchased a couple of test bikes, likely to be showcased as a high-end alternative to the majority of other bikes sold in their stores.

The next tier are Test Centres which specialise in a particular type of bike like the Birdy folding bike or e-Cargo bikes. Whilst they have access to factory order all bikes, their knowledge is likely to focus on their specialism across multiple manufacturers.

Then at the top tier are the Experience Stores. There are only a few of these and they have made a commitment to dedicate a section of their store to Riese and Muller bikes and they will have a large selection of bikes across the range available to view and try.

If you want to see the bike or try a feature before purchasing it is worth contacting either a relevant Test Centre or Experience Store as they are more likely to have demonstrator models available.

Should I buy from my nearest dealer?

Buying a Riese & Muller electric bike really is a special thing and is often a very considered purchase rather than an impulse buy. This is why it is important to come to a specialist dealer with all the product knowledge to ensure you make the right choice and support you through the buying process.

One of the biggest benefits of getting your bike locally is having someone to build your bike, set it up for your riding position and running through the controls. All you have to do is turn up and ride it home.

Buying from EDEMO, we do all of this, but at your home.

With every bike we sell we offer nationwide delivery, set-up and hand-over. Completed by our own team of mechanics. All included in the price.

For example a Superdelite GT Rohloff, with GX pack, 1,125Wh battery and Nyon display, purchased online is £8,269.

EDEMO will provide one of our qualified cycle mechanics to deliver this bike to your home fully built. They will then set it up for you and run through all the controls and documentation. You then have 5 days or 100 miles to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase, or we collect your bike and return your money. EDEMO price £8,269…. It’s the same!

What are the benefits of buying from EDEMO Electric Bikes?

Don’t forget when buying from EDEMO we give you complete peace of mind from experts who are 100% committed to Riese & Muller electric bikes.

EDEMO are unlike any other Riese & Muller partner in the UK as we have stepped it up another level and we don’t get distracted by other manufacturers and we support only Riese & Muller. This means we have the time to become product experts.

We are listed as a Birdy Test Centre, Control Technology Test Centre, E-cargo Test Centre and Experience Store. We have around 15 bikes from the current model range on permanent display in our Cotswold Showroom.

20% Refundable Deposit

Production slots do get taken quickly, so we know you may feel pressured to make a decision to get the delivery you want. So, to place your order we only ask for a 20% deposit which is fully refundable. So, if you change your mind once the order is placed, you can cancel your order and walk away.

Free home delivery, set-up and hand-over

Buying a bike online sounds so easy until you have to wait in all day to take delivery and let’s be honest, the person delivering the bike doesn’t want to hang around…and then you have to build your bike, work out the controls and dispose of the packaging. And whilst we encourage buying from your nearest dealer, this can mean trying to get your new bike wedged in your car to transport it home.

With every bike sell we promise one of our qualified bike mechanics will deliver your bike to your home. Then they will take the time to set the bike up, so it is perfect for you and run through all the controls and paperwork which comes with it.

5 day, 100 mile complete satisfaction guarantee

We are sure you will love your new bike and we are going to do everything we can to make sure it is just right. But if we are wrong, we offer a 5 day, 100 mile satisfaction guarantee. When we have delivered your new bike you have 5 days or 100 miles to change your mind.

…But what about servicing and maintenance?

Riese & Muller bikes are simple to maintain and thanks to the quality components used, parts failure is very rare. The maintenance required is no more than a traditional (non electric) bike and is completely within the capability of your local qualified bike mechanic.

What is the process for buying from EDEMO Electric Bikes?

If you are interested in finding out more about Riese & Muller electric bikes, the best things to do is get in contact with us to arrange an appointment.

We answer the phones 8am-6pm. If we are not available to answer your questions immediately, we will arrange to call you back at a convenient time.

We usually start with a 15 minute phone or video call to help us understand exactly what you are looking for and to provide you with the basic information you require like pricing and lead times.

From this we then book you in for a test ride appointment from our showroom, if this is important to you. We have around 15 bikes from the current model range on permanent display in our Cotswold Showroom.

If you don’t need a test ride, we will book a consultation at our showroom. This can be by phone, using Google Meet, or in person. At the end of this consultation we will have gathered enough of an understanding to be able to produce a formal quotation.

On the day of the test ride, we ask you to sign a simple disclaimer (we’ll insure the bike, you look after yourself) and provide you with a relevant Riese & Muller electric bike and a helmet. We suggest some great short rides with hills, open roads and off-road sections if you would like. But, you can go wherever you fancy.

At the end of your test-ride we spend more time with you helping to refine the options on your perfect bike. And then once agreed, we produce a formal quotation and email it to you.

There is no pressure selling and we encourage you to think about the bike you are going to order. If you have any further questions once you get home, we arrange a 15 minute phone or video call to confirm the final details.

Once you are completely happy, all you need to do is use the link in the quote to pay the 20% deposit. We will then place the order with the factory and share your unique bike code to allow you to track the delivery date.

As the bike leaves the factory we will let you know it is on it’s way. It is shipped by road freight and usually takes under 7 days to get to the showroom.

When it arrives, we book it in for the pre-delivery inspection. We then call you to plan a suitable time for our cycle mechanic to deliver, set-up and hand-over your new bike.

We will be back in contact a week later to ensure everything is going well and to answer any questions. We will also provide information about registering your bike for the extended Riese & Muller frame warranty and our own service ticketing system for supporting you and your bike in the future.

If you would like more information call me on 01453 834300, email or follow the link to book an appointment.

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