How can an electric bike be good for exercise?

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How can an electric bike be good for exercise?

a couple of e-bikes parked in the middle of the countryside with the owners getting lots of exercise

You want to exercise more and think that an electric bike could be a good option.

Hang on though, you have seen people out riding on their electric bikes and they were smiling way to much whilst riding up hill so they must be cheating?

Is it cheating?

People seem to automatically assume that riding an electric bike is cheating and you don’t get any exercise.

This simply is not the case. Here’s an example..

A few years ago I had a ‘proper job’ working in an office. I would drive the 30-40 mins every morning and evening and then spend the day sitting in front of my computer.

I had tried swapping driving for riding a traditional bike, and hated the massive hill I had to tackle at the end of the day to get back up to my house.

I decided to buy an electric bike and it transformed my commute.

I could get to work in about 50-60mins and riding home was easy at the end of the day.

I started to add in extra hills or routes through the woods. I even worked in a breakfast stop some days and ate my porridge whilst sitting at a viewpoint!

In the first three years I owned my first electric bike I covered 4,000 miles.

If I had stuck with the traditional bike, I estimate I wouldn’t have even done 50% of this. And in addition, I was happier and healthier than I had been in a long time.

You do have to pedal

The truth is, that to make your electric bike go, you still have to pedal it as you would a standard bike. 

The difference is that with the assistance of the motor, an e-bike makes any incline a lot easier and more fun. 

Riese & Müller electric bikes allow you to choose the amount of assistance you want from the motor. From the battery conserving eco setting through to the turbo setting for the really steep hills. 

Being able to change the level of assistance from the motor on your Riese & Müller electric bike allows you to decide how much effort you put in during your ride. Find out more about the different motor assistance settings in our edemo Riese & Müller UK Buyer’s guide

Over the same distance, you might not get as much exercise on an electric bike. But let’s get real. You are going to cycle a lot more regularly, and a lot further than you would have.

Riding an electric bike can make cycling feel like it did when you were a kid! And with the hills flattened, there is no excuse not to go on a new adventure every day. It is addictive!

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