Don’t buy a stock bike. Buy your bike.

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Don’t buy a stock bike. Buy your bike.

We will listen to you and help you tailor the right bike bike for your needs, and then factory order it for you. We wont just try and sell you a bike we have in stock.

The way the cycle industry works is to get bike shops to buy-in to ordering large quantities of bikes based on their predictions for the next season. This model is great for the bike manufacturers, giving clear forecast and build schedule, but is a bad deal for both the independant bike shops and the customers we serve. This is why…

Most independant bike retailers will have bought in to a pre-order with their suppliers. They have to do this to be garaunteed supply of the product and to get the best margins. This is a significant annual investment and whilst it means they have stock, they are likely to be the ‘vanilla’ versions. For you as the customer, this means you can walk into the store buy a bike and ride it away. Which sounds great, doesn’t it?

The downside is that when you are discussing your next purchase with your local dealer, they are consciously steering you towards the stock they have already purchased and need to sell, not listening to you, and understanding your requirements. This means you may not get the size, colour and specification of the bike you actually want. The bike shops don’t want to place a factory order for you as this would mean yet more investment.

We understand that when you are buying a premium product, you should have access to demonstrators and the opportunity to specify anything you want.

Our partnership with Riese & Müller allows us to be different. We use our small pre-order to bring in demo stock. This means our customers can try a large range of different electric bikes, in various sizes and specifications. We combine this with expert product knowledge and help you choose exactly the bike you need and want. There is no hidden drive to sell you something we already have in stock and need to shift.

With thousands of different combinations available from Riese & Müller it is highly unlikely you will find your ideal bike in stock anywhere. And when buying a premium electric bike, why would you settle for something that isn’t exactly what you want?

A factory order is the very best solution for you to get the bike you want. And delivery can be relatively quick.

Once you have configured the bike you want, we take a deposit and place an order directly with the Riese & Müller factory in Mühltal, Germany. Once the the order is confirmed we share a bike code with you, so you can track progress with the factory. We usually expect to see your bike arrive within 3-4 weeks and once in our showroom we complete the final build and quality check.

When you think how long you might spend pondering the different options available and researching information on the internet, this process can easily take several months. The shortcut to this is to visit a place where you can see the products and ask the questions. The time you save at this point is significant and often means you will have your bike in less time than undertaking endless research, only to be convinced by a bike shop of a different model once you stop in to make that purchase.

We offer free personalised delivery to your home including set-up and hand-over. No risky/blind internet purchases, no courier deliveries, no need to do the final build of a bike.

We understand our customers may travel up to 2 hours to take advantage of this unique offer, and therefore we offer to personally deliver every bike and do a personalised hand-over process at your home. No couriers, no bike building skills needed by you and a complete understanding of how your bike works and the best way to maintain it.

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