Do you need a license to ride an electric bike?

Posted by Dan Radford on 27th Feb 2020

Do you need a license to ride an electric bike?

Do you need a license to ride an electric bike?

It's a really simple answer. I could be a bit too simple and say, "No you don't. You can go out and buy one tomorrow and you don't need any tax, any insurance, any license." 

But to give you a little bit more detail to go with that, basically there are a few stipulations. So for a bike to be a UK-legal electric bike, it mustn't be capable of assisting you more than 15.5 mile an hour. It's got have a maximum nominal power of 250 Watts, and you can't have a twist throttle on it. So it's all got to be pedal assistance. And it's worth knowing, you must be at least 14 years old to ride one.

If you comply and find a bike that complies with those rules, then simply you won't have to pay any tax. So, no road fund license at all. 

You don't have to insure your bike, although you can choose to do that if you wish. 

And you don't need a license category on your driving license. 

And worryingly, you also don't have to wear a helmet. But, it's highly recommended to do so. 

If you can comply with all the things above, it is then essentially the restrictions as a traditional bicycle. So this means you can ride it anywhere that you could ride your bike today. That can be bridleways, a canal path, if it's allowed, all the cycle paths and of course, on the road. So, you have access to all the places that you currently ride your bicycle.

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