9th Dec 2020

What are the best Riese & Müller e-bikes on the market?

When choosing the best bike in each of the categories below, it is important to ensure we get something which covers more than one application. So, I have considered anything that could be used both for a daily commute and a bigger adventure at the weekend.

Best Riese & Müller e-bike under £4,000

This price range is always going to be the most difficult. You are going to need to make some compromises, but should that be motor, frame style, gears, or options like tyres. Hmmm….

Previous experience has taught me, you can always upgrade parts like tyres, hand grips and even rear cassettes (gears) at a later date. But you will always have the same frame, motor, battery and display.

So my choice of best bike for under £4k is the Charger3 touring.

On the plus side, it is a hybrid mountain bike style frame and it has the awesome Gen4 85Nm Bosch motor. This bike will be perfect for the daily commute. And it will also manage most non tarmac cycle tracks during the drier months.

It’s down side is really the opportunity to cross-over into an off-road adventure machine. For this you would want to upgrade the wheels and tyres, and add a larger ratio cassette for the low speed off road grunt.

If you want an excellent commuting machine, look no further.

Best Riese & Müller e-bike under £6000

In this category the bike you get is going to be great, you just need to decide if you go for the addition of rear suspension, dual battery or rohloff gears.

The contenders are;

  • Charger3 GT Rohloff from £5,779
  • Supercharger2 GT touring or vario from £5,219
  • Delite GT touring or vario from £5,219

All these bikes will benefit from the latest Bosch Gen4 Performance CX motor and GX option with off-road capable tyres. The frame is mountain bike style.

Two batteries is a nice luxury to have, but unless you are going to be doing the range (60+ miles) on a regular basis, I would suggest a single battery would be more suitable. You can always buy another battery at a later date and carry it in a pannier for the longer rides if needed.

Then it is deciding if you want a hard tail of full suspension. For super comfortable commuting and off road riding the Delite with its full suspension is the best bike to go for without a doubt. But, it does make the bike slightly heavier and you will notice the extra weight in acceleration or if really throwing it around off road.

Last choice is the gears or more generally the drive chain. Most people who factory order a Riese & Müller e-bike go for the Rohloff option for two reasons;

  1. It has almost zero maintenance. Oiling a chain through the winter is a pain in the arse.
  2. It’s a belt-drive. And if you are going to spend the money you want to be able to tell your friends how much better your belt drive bike is!

So, choosing a bike under £6,000 is really difficult and if I’m honest, this is half the reason I have a bike business, because I want them all! But that doesn’t help.

Ok, I’m going for a single battery. I’m going hard tail, I'll run the tyres tubeless and drop the pressures, plus I spend most of my time on tarmac. And it has to be the Rohloff, or I’ll just be telling everyone ‘they even do it with a belt drive’. It’s a Charger3 GT Rohloff with kiox cockpit and GX option.

Best Riese & Müller e-bike under £8000

This gets way easier as we are starting to reach the top of the range, so most options are available.

Straight away I’m going dual battery, full suspension and Rohloff.

The only thing I have to miss out on is the fox suspension upgrade at £559.

Without question, the Riese & Müller Superdelite GT Rohloff is not only the best bike in their range, but also the best e-bike on the market today.

Ride to work in luxury and style and spend the weekends exploring.

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